As a part of the NID curriculum, to gain practical knowledge in the field of industrial design, all the final year students are required to undertake a design project in the industry. The degree project, which is expected to be a 4-6months duration is an experience with services in the company by the student and is expected to generate professional design outputs and simple mentation capabilities.


Doing this project helped us to enhance the real-life situation of working in the industry and helps to understand the companies limitations and extents. Involving the power, infrastructure of the organisation and the time constraints.

How might we design ValueLabs corporate website in such a way that the identity is reimagined to have meaningful insights and opportunity focusing on the career section 

The Need to redesign


The logo, branding and the website did not reflect the global presence and the innovative work it was doing. It needed a fresh outlook which reflected its identity as of today and its vision of the future. One of the first things, my mentor had asked me to do is to keep in mind some words that she had got from the interview and re-imagine ValueLabswebsite into a new modernistic and approachable platform that,
1. Transforms the experience of knowing ValueLabs
2. Clients to approach easily
3. Job seekers to apply easily.
For the past 21 years, ValueLabs has been helping companies grow and achieve their goals by providing marketing automation, offshore product developments and infrastructure engineering services for media and healthcare industries.


We identified our users as
Clients (prospective and current)
Employee and job seekers.
The previous website that is made over these years. Their ability to outdo themselves when it comes to giving the right information at once is just wonderful. This shows the ever-evolving landing page. It shows the journey from the retro block designs to more contemporary designs that ValueLabs has made over the years.