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My name is Udita and I am an explorer! (says the 16 personality traits) :P  A curious traveller and never a tourist because it's not about famous locations, it's about connecting with communities specially in northeastern India. Ikigai is a book I adore because of my new fantasies on Japanese culture and would prefer a healthy diet whenever possible. I found the wildest combination of misti doi and khoi and wear gale when I want to feel traditional.


Hyderabad being an urban and tech-savvy society, made me understand the importance of working towards a standard way of life while Assam’s wildlife, tea plantation and slow way of life taught her empathy towards nature and it’s living beings. This polarity reflects in my personality a beautiful dilemma and uncertainty, unable to decide sides between the savoury Hyderabadi Biriyani versus the Assamese Mach Bhaat.

Sneak into stranger's wedding when hungry and free spiritedly take full advantage of my multilingual skills, maybe messing up a word or two.

My childhood love for questions and an inquisitive eye towards unusual things, in turn, shaped my adulthood towards love for learning about the culture, exploring tribes and listening to stories governed by the immaculate relation between society and culture.