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Table Z: Work in layers
Making in the real world


I always wanted to make a piece of dual height table. This instructable is about making a sitting and standing table which involves various functionalities, that can accommodate 4-6 people to sit or stand around.

Ready to activate classroom or office or workshop or dining, Table Z offers the core sit-stand features and functionality that help support positive performance, collaboration and a good posture. I liked the idea of a table with a metal base and a wooden top that would have two different heights making it a multipurpose table.

The main intention to make Table Z is to avoid back stress and add movement to the body by making the users standing and working as well making it different from the traditional working space. 
Faculty: Sahil Thappa
Feel free to adapt my style to fit your style. Happy building! 
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PUSH & FLIP: Inclusive design 
Table games to increase cognitive, physical and memory for people with dementia


This project was made for the people who suffer from dementia. The intent is to design an elderly friendly- furniture which builds cognitive, physical and memory for people with dementia.

As they struggle to remember where their belongings are kept,  there is no part of the furniture which is removed to play the game.

The game includes the

1. A puzzle to make a horse by pushing the square block which helps in building physical strength and 

2. Flip so as to get similar objects on the two blocks for ex. cup, t-shirt etc., this increases the memory.


The target audience was of 3 types:
Permanent: People of ages nearing or surpassing the life expectancy of human beings. 
Temporary: Kids under the age of 10 years.
Situational: People who are bored in the living room.


CARESS: Know more. Care more.

Interactive Design 


Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. 


The intent is to engage the minority of the groups back to the society, with the concept of not thinking about mental health as a problem. When it comes to mental illness, help is, unfortunately, not our natural response. Instead, most people shy away from or avoid someone experiencing a mental health emergency.


Caress helps you to learn about

1.types of mental health

2.tells you things to "say or not to say", "things to do or not to do" to a person suffering 

3.helps to diagnose depression 

4.share insights with people who have faced the same the phycologist.

A specific target audience is “who is willing to help people with mental illness but do not know how to



ESSD (Emergency Survival Support Device) 



Stress Buster (Pilot behind enemy lines)

This was a situation analysis and the outcome had to be an intervention on pilot mental situation analysis through stress bister ESSD. This was a teamwork and our situation was 'Emergency point ejection over enemy territory'.


The intervention was a device which can guide the pilot through emergencies, possible situational reaction study, survival techniques and also checking the health. Being the primary duty to send the present location from the enemy base finding the after ejection from the aircraft.  Ejection figuring out needs to know like location and survival; needs to do like update location and destroy aircraft.



DROP: A multiple exercises and collapsable gym equipment

Product Design

This project equips the experience of handling a design project that encompasses user research, planning, market survey, generation of imaginative concepts, understanding of manufacturing process with a detailed evaluation of fitness.

It is expected to demonstrate an understanding of materials, tectonics and processes as well as the ability to solve simple design problems, which may be related to space/interior.


A multiple exsercise and collapsable gym equiptment

PACKMATS: Convertible package into table mats



Involves the creation and manipulation of objects/ products and systems for 'quality of life' and human experience' considering the constraints of economy, process, the user needs and sustainability. 

Simple product design is a course which involved the usage of all the major steps of the design process from defining the design brief to a representation of concept into a tangible medium.


In this case PACKMATS, the convertible packaging into table mats in a classic way to dine and modern display. Making use of ceramic plates packaging but also for later usage.

SYSTEMS THINKING: Emergency situation



The process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole. The nature of the whole system is always different from, and more than, the sum of its unassembled collection of parts. This course seeks to offer a design problem, which brings together aspects of people, technology and business within a specific ecosystem. The constituent parts of this ecosystem have to be identified, and the underlying problem should be addressed through the adoption of systems thinking the approach to problem-solving.

In this project we were given Emergency as the situation in IRCTC, we came up with opportunities and had to think of System and analysis the system rather than the final outcome.