Functional pieces of art that are monuments to sustainable living.

KHOH is the Khashi word for basket. Khashi tribe is an ethnic group in Meghalaya, northeastern India. KHOH, inspired by the culture of North-Eastern India and waste segregation method used in Meghalaya, where baskets are used for dumping waste by the tourists so the conical shape helps to channel down the wet waste keeping the dry waste separated.

After going throughout all the crafts of north eastern Indian, I  come across a 

place in the borders of Assam and Meghalaya Khetri.

In  between the mountains of Meghalaya and plains of Assam was a unique craft of water hyacinth with promoted the livelihood of the locals.

My inspiration was from the times was I visited Meghalaya and every time saw 

Waste bin (Image:2, left)

Khoh is originally a multi-purpose basket that is used by the Khasi tribe to ferry goods to the marketplace, to carry children and elderly. It is shaped like a cone that is made up of tightly woven bamboo strips to form a conical shape which is carried on the back using a head strap. 

Stilt houses (Image:3, left)

It was amusing to see the beautiful structures held thin bamboo. These houses raised on piles over the surface of the soil or a body of water.  The shady space under the house can be used for work, animals or storage.


Water hyacinth : world's fastest-growing plant!

A free-floating perennial aquatic plant found in tropical regions and is completely biodegradable. It is a locally available, water purifying and rapidly growing plant. The weed, when grown abundantly in water, harms the aquatic life by taking complete oxygen in the water. Due to this, people are burning it without understanding the potential of the material which is causing air pollution. But a lot many possibilities exist with the same.


Inspired from the stilt houses, the base was mimicking thin bamboo stilt give stability and emphasis load bearing conical load bearing seat.


Inspired Making of the seat using 10mm MS rod and MS mesh


The structure was then painted, dried and mold was made to mimic the structure although it was uneven to weave on it.


The shell of the chair was then weaved in a distinct way called zig zag pattern weave on the MS mesh, allowing it to taken the non uniform structure.


The shell of the chair is made of water hyacinth, a durable and sustainable seaweed. A woven structure that utilities modern techniques to reinterpret a traditional design, hairpin legged structure for the base. KHOH is a chair that is suitable for use in the home and in public places such as restaurants, offices and bars.


Explorations of the material on packaging